The girl was injured
The girl was injured

A group of magpies, a species of crows, attacked in a very aggressive manner on a young girl of 4 years old in one of the regions of Western Australia, and after the attack from flocks of crows, which resulted in the girl being seriously injured on her face, and she appealed to the girl's mother on the necessity Mothers protect their offspring from those aggressive birds.

For its part, the British newspaper "Daily Mail" indicated that the little girl was called "Ivy Marky" and she suffered from a torrent of blood from her face, after an aggressive bird attacked her on the western shore, which is located 70 km from the city of (Perth) Abd.

It should be noted, that the child's mother had indicated to me that she was putting her baby in a stroller when the bird attacked her daughter and said that for the first time she realized that something was wrong when she heard her nine-year-old son Zack shouting the name Effie.

The girl’s mother added that, fortunately, her daughter’s injuries were only superficial, and her first thought was that he did not hit her eye because it was so close and was bleeding, and added: “I could not believe how aggressive this particular magpie was, it was hitting her with its claws".

Mother Ali appealed to the need to pay attention to the aggressive magpies, explaining that she saw the same bird attack four other people during her time in the garden, and one of its victims was a small child, and she said: "You could see the nest hanging above the parking lot and it was heading back and forth to get people".