Stealing a gold contract
Stealing a gold contract

A surveillance camera picked up a thief’s clip while he was “hunting” a Versace gold necklace with a hook, from an Australian store.

According to Sky News, local police said that the thief smashed the shop window in the center of Melbourne's business district, before using a fishing rod to steal a contract designed by "Versace", but that "the fisherman" took about 3 hours to catch his valuable catch.

After his first attempts failed with a small hook, the man decided to use a larger hook, and in the end he was able to obtain the $ 700 gold contract from the neck of the display statue.

"It would be audacious for someone to bring a fishing rod in the middle of the night" for the theft, said Victoria police official, Bidet Witte.

The police released the video in an attempt to arrest the thief.