Plague of spiders
Plague of spiders

After australia's successful success in virtually eliminating the country's coronavirus, the Australian government is experiencing the emergence of another type of spider, which has recently spread significantly in a number of homes, raising the state of emergency in the country and a number of cities to deal with the plague of spiders.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" published a report on large, long-legged spiders, which are very fast, and they are called "hunter spiders", which appeared in a large number this year, causing Australian citizens to report the spread of the plague of spiders in the country.
Photos from a number of Australian citizens have been posted on social media, as well as videos featuring videos of spiders spreading heavily inside homes.
Macquarie University spider pathologist Lizzie Lowe said the spiders are harmless because they are weak because their sight is weak, usually confused, not too toxic, and they will not attack humans deliberately because they are small and their eyes are too bad. It can bite a human being, but it won't do much damage.
The doctor continued, stressing that the population has to leave young spiders hunter in her condition, as they usually "eat each other in nests", which reduces their numbers significantly without the need for intervention, stressing that the outbreak of the phenomenon of spiders returns to the breeding season of spiders in Australia, and that a number of spiders make multiple rounds of reproduction in the same house, resulting from many young, but the scarcity of food they need will not keep them at home.

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