Urgent warnings announced Monday by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology for fear of a new tsunami in the event of a volcanic eruption near the Philippine capital.

A short time ago, a volcanic volcano began to release lava, which caused the spread of smoke ash in the sky.

TaalEruption2020، Tal volcano is located in the Batangas region near the Philippine capital, and for its part, the police and the army have just raised the alert status in the areas near the volcano.

Philippine Institute of Volcanoes warns of new tsunami due to Tal volcano "Taal Eruption 2020"

The Philippine Astronomy Institute of Volcanology added that it is expected that eruptions will occur to the next volcano in the coming days. The volcano will form from a volcano inside a volcano.

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The Philippine military is carrying out a major evacuation due to the volcano Tal

It should be mentioned that many flights to the country of the Philippines have stopped today, which led to the cancellation of 240 international flights, and the Philippine army closed the Ninoy Aquino airport.

It is worth noting that the volcano Tal is located south of the center of the capital, Manila, has also been closed and suspended work in a large number of schools and government institutions because of the volcano.