Driving on roads in Malta
Driving on roads in Malta

Fines are the largest and largest in many countries such as New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Hungary, and Malta.

Using the phone at the moment inside Malta causes a lot of problems when driving the car to the people in the state of Malta, and some believe that they are fully aware of what is happening around them when they are busy on the phone while driving the car, but in reality, according to a new study and one, the operator makes a lot of mistakes Of the things around him, you will not notice until it is too late and too big a problem.

Currently, the use of mobile phones while driving in the European country of Malta, many countries in the European region and some developed Arab countries, is very important but it expresses one of the things that can cause many real problems, especially on all highways, including Including traffic accidents and others.

In a related context, the Automobile Club of Malta revealed that most countries in the European region currently impose very severe penalties for the use of mobile phones while driving, including heavy fines ranging from 100 to 160 euros (160 USD). To 255 dollars in some European countries.

For its part, about thirty European countries, including Malta, have recently doubled the fines and announced increased penalties significantly for mobile phone use while driving in the State of Malta, especially on highways.

The Malta Automobile Club also revealed that some European countries such as Sweden and Serbia were among a handful of countries that have not yet imposed a ban on using a mobile phone while driving on the roads, but imposed severe and severe penalties on the drivers involved in those accidents or those who have been proven responsible Due to severe negligence while driving in Malta.

If we set an example for New Zealand right now, the fine is about four New Zealand dollars, but a point is recorded for every crime that a driver commits in a central data bank that monitors major traffic violations.

On the other hand, the use of the phone at the present time by keeping it or by operating the amplifiers in the event that there is a loud voice in both cases the risk is the same, the user of the phone may not always be interested in road exits or in the traffic lights areas on both sides of the road and important things Another while driving.