Driving cars in Thailand
Driving cars in Thailand

Monitor a video, an innovative way to force motorists to reduce speed while walking in cities, to keep children safe, without compromising their vehicles.

At the present time, using the phone inside the Asian region, especially the country of Thailand, which is the people who use the most mobile phone while driving in the Asian region, causes a lot of problems when driving a car on Thai roads.

In a related context, CNBC Arabia channel published a video clip that said it monitors the creation of pedestrian walkways in Thailand, through three-dimensional graphics, that make car owners think that they are actual barriers, and thus avoid approaching them, which makes children more Safer as they walk along those paths.

And the video reveals: "Although they are just graphics, they were able to achieve good results in pushing the driver to avoid passing over it, in addition to making some believe that children are walking over the air."

Thousands of Thais are subjected to traffic accidents every year, which makes some people not feel safe walking the traditional pedestrian walkways, especially on the streets, which schoolchildren pass through.

Road accidents cause the death of more than 1.3 million people annually, in the world, including 93% in middle or low income countries.

The China Arabic TV network says that the three-dimensional pedestrian walkways appeared in a town in Iceland in 2017, indicating that their aim is to warn motorists to reduce their speed in order to reduce traffic accidents.

Currently, new laws are being discussed for all cars in Thailand in order to reduce severe risks.