Details of work and wages in Iceland
Details of work and wages in Iceland

The minimum wage in Iceland, new resolutions adopted by Iceland, especially the value of the minimum wage as published by a number of newspapers around the world today where there is a link close between the price of work in Iceland and the type of profession that employs a person according to the number of things that we will put them now, Fattabona.

According to a number of international statistics, citizens in Iceland are considered the most in the continent of Europe in terms of the number of working hours they perform in one day.

The same statistics indicated that women in Iceland make up about 45% of the total workforce in the country, and the number of women working in Iceland is the largest in the continent of Europe.

Average number of working hours for men and women in Iceland

The number of hours worked up according to the statement, which was published today that the number of working hours for men up to about 47 hours per week, and up the number of working hours for women to about 37 hours a week.

Dear followers, It should be mentioned that the number of working days in an Icelandic country reaches up to 5 days per week.

It is also worth noting that according to the statement, the citizens of Iceland do the work additionally.

For the sake of facing them, their special needs, including eating, drinking, clothing and luxury, too.

The number of hours of official work in Iceland in summer and winter

Official business hours begin in the country of Iceland, starting from 9 am to 5 pm, these hours are all hours.

In return, the hours of work begin in the summer, with its start from 8 am to 4 pm.

However, it is necessary to know that working hours vary in most times and conditions according to the agreement between the owner and the worker.

Cost per hourly labor price in Iceland

According to the statistics that are published, according to them, the average hourly rate on the day reaches the day of the day to day.

Therefore, we can say that the average income according to the value of hours of work amounts to about $ 581.2 in US dollars.

How does the minimum wage reach in Iceland?

The minimum wage in Iceland is about 245 thousand Icelandic kroner.

The month of work is calculated for about 20 working days per month, given that the hours of work are 5 days per week.

Fees for professions in Iceland

It is worth noting that the average monthly income for these occupations such as «carpentry profession - plumbing profession - electricity business profession» and other trades. It reaches about 320,000 crowns a month, which is equivalent to 3044 dollars.