Side of the electric car in Iceland
Side of the electric car in Iceland

The Icelandic government announced this morning a new plan to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles in the country.

According to the new plan, the infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles across the country will be greatly improved.

In that regard, new charging stations will be installed on highways and hotels across the country.

Currently, the number of electric cars in Iceland is increasing rapidly, making it the second largest country in the world after Norway in terms of newly registered electric cars in the country.

On the other hand, 450 million Icelandic crowns (3.2 million euros) will be allocated this year to transport fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, while the five-year plan provides for 1.5 billion crowns (10.7 million).

On the other hand, 200 million crowns (1.4 million euros) will be spent on installing a new generation of charging stations, allowing vehicles to recharge much faster than today.