Former French Energy and Environment Minister Segolene Royal
Former French Energy and Environment Minister Segolene Royal

After the recent strikes that France is witnessing recently, especially after the recent decisions of the French President regarding the reform of the pension law, a decision that caused widespread anger and strikes in the country, today, former French Minister of Environment and Energy Segolene Royal announced her rejection of Emmanuel Macron's policy and demanded that it be withdrawn. Law.

The former Environment Minister Segolene Royal added that these decisions will cause a major crisis in the country, stressing that she very much respects the actions of citizens and employees who announced their rejection of this decision in order to protect their future and the independence of their family.

Segolene completed the need for the French government to establish due to the recent amendments to the pension law, which caused great chaos in the country for nearly a month, demanding that the French government should avoid these decisions.

On the other hand, the French opposition announced that it will wait in the coming days for the affairs of the new French pension law to be resolved. On the other side, the right has today called for the necessity of clarifying the decisions.

It is worth noting that the French President Macron recently demanded an explanation of the new system, which the French do not absorb. It was also mentioned that Macron mocked the protest of "a stranger to reform, whose exact conditions we do not know", a phrase that increased mistrust.