A surprising decision about sharks in Australia
A surprising decision about sharks in Australia

Today, the Australian government revealed the use and deployment of traps for hunting sharks, and the deployment of traps in cylindrical lines, coinciding with the fatal attacks of fish on people in recent times, along the southern coast of the state.

It is noteworthy that the 52-year-old surfer, Andrew Sharp, was attacked last Friday by sharks on the beach of "Kilos Beds" in the town of Esperance, in the latest in a series of shark attacks in the area, which is a fertile ground for the presence of white sharks. Huge.

Many Australian citizens, as well as a number of local ocean safety groups, have called on the government to reinforce safety measures against sharks, which include the use of traps, fishing for sharks with cylindrical lines, which work with hooks equipped with baits to catch and drown sharks.

It is worth noting that (Peter Tenley) Australian Fisheries Minister revealed to reporters during a community meeting, Monday, that "the government does not support the idea of ​​culling sharks or taking deadly action against them."

He explained that the government has allocated 37 million Australian dollars (27 million US dollars) to take alternative measures to reduce the presence of sharks, and it is likely that it will install a network to surround a place that will be suitable for swimming purposes.