upper part of the Uluru
upper part of the Uluru

Today, the Australian government called on Google to remove images of the upper part of the Uluru Formation from Google Maps, as the rock formation is sacred to the indigenous people, especially since the government prevented visitors from climbing the Uluru Rock Formation last year.

It is worth noting that Google provides a number of photos, which are uploaded by users from the top of the site, which were taken before the ban began, in addition to the Street View path, which was recorded by a mountaineer, in 2018.

The Australian Parks peasant takes care of the country's natural treasures, and demanded Google remove the images uploaded by users, after complaints from the Anung indigenous people, who are the traditional "Uluru" owners.

It also acknowledged that tourists would be prevented from crossing the holy site in late 2019, due to the garbage of visitors and the pollution of nearby water wells.

Parks added during its statement released today, that Google is supporting its request, and it is scheduled to remove the content as soon as possible.

On the one hand, the Google spokesperson indicated, in statements to a number of international news agencies, that the company understands the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is very sacred to the Anung people.

Tens of thousands of tourists, formerly known as Ayers Rock, staged annually until it was closed in October 2019.

The use of the rock has caused a great outrage for the long-time locals, who have demanded a climbing ban since 1985.

The Uluru Formation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is 450 kilometers (280 miles) west of Alice Springs.