Volcano Eruption Tal
Volcano Eruption Tal

The government and police in the Philippines have just announced the evacuation of a large number of people near the Philippine capital, Manila, after Berkal Tal fired ashes 14 kilometers long in the air / causing great fear that the volcano could erupt soon.

Today, a number of international news agencies confirmed that the Philippine Institute of Volcanology has lifted the state of emergency for fear of the volcanic eruption that could happen in the coming hours or days.

According to reports received from there, the Philippine army has also dispatched 20 military vehicles in addition to hundreds of soldiers, to assist in the operation to evacuate the residents near Tal Volcano.

The Philippine government is conducting an evacuation, fearing the eruption of the Tal Volcano

The Philippine Secretary of Defense has also announced that the state of maximum preparedness has been raised, and Ali indicated that the army's helicopters are ready for the evacuation.

Currently, the international relief organization, "Red Cross", is sending many cars to assist in the evacuations of people near Tal volcano.

It should be mentioned that a large number of schools and companies in the Philippine capital, Manila, have suspended work and studies.

It is worth noting that the Tal volcano in the Philippines is one of the smallest active volcanoes in the world.