Australian Prime Minister
Australian Prime Minister

The American network "ABC News" broadcast a video clip, today, Tuesday, for the celebrations of citizens in the Australian capital, Sydney, for a moment, the rains finally fell on the city after weeks of intense temperatures that exacerbated the ongoing forest fires in the region and caused many deaths and injuries among citizens. Firefighters were trying to control forest fires in various Australian states, and local authorities began trying to take advantage of the rain.

Officials in Australia took advantage of the improved weather yesterday to reopen roads closed to forest fires and move some people to safe places, although thick smoke disrupted the rescue efforts and caused the siege of hundreds of people to continue, and the fires destroyed about 20 million acres of land across the country, It killed 25 people, destroyed thousands of buildings, deprived some towns of electricity and mobile services, and the police confirmed the death of a 71-year-old man on the southern coast of New South Wales after reports on December 31 that he was missing.


The Australian government said it was ready to pay whatever it takes to help societies recover from the deadly forest fires that swept the country, while Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced, according to ABC News, that the government would allocate an additional two billion Australian dollars. 1.4 billion US dollars "for fire recovery efforts, in addition to the tens of millions of dollars already committed.


The light rain and cold winds for the second day caused some relief from the fires, which were fueled by high temperatures, and swept parts of two states at the weekend, but officials warned against the return of dangerous weather during the week.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was criticized for what his opponents described as his government's failure to tackle climate change, and Morrison announced allocating two billion Australian dollars (1.4 billion dollars) over two years to a newly formed National Forest Fire Recovery Agency.