State-of-the-art technology for speaking offense while driving in Australia
State-of-the-art technology for speaking offense while driving in Australia

The Australian government has passed a new law for everyone who owns a car or driver's license in Australia.

Many countries seek to use modern technology to reduce the causes that lead to road accidents. As Australia developed a new technology that traffic devices rely on more than a year ago, revealing the use of cell phones in cars.

And the Australian state of New South Wales has been using speed cameras against cell phones at the wheel since late 2019 to automatically detect the handheld devices of the driver.

According to the German News Agency, the law in Australia prohibits drivers from using mobile phones, and therefore the Australian police use speed cameras for cell phones, and the state of New South Wales in southeast Australia is the first to use it worldwide.

The surveillance system includes several cameras, one of which is from the top through the front window of vehicles and aims to explicitly identify electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, and another camera visualizes the license plate.

The system automatically pre-sorts the photographic materials so that police officers only have to check suspicious materials for actual administrative violations, and the system identifies more than 100 drivers with a mobile phone at the wheel, during the testing phase from January to June 2019.

In Australia, a violator who catches cell phone users pays a fine of up to 344 Australian dollars (about 210 euros) or 457 Australian dollars (about 280 euros) in areas outside schools. There is also an entry in the Australian point system.