Forest fires in Australia
Forest fires in Australia

Police in the state of Australia are evacuating thousands of people from more than 20 towns on the southeast coast, due to devastating forest fires, in light of the high temperatures and expectations of strong winds at the weekend.

Today, the police have moved many civilians because of their increased risk due to fires in many areas, including Gippsland, which is located in the northeast of Victoria, in addition to the southern coast in neighboring New South Wales to safe areas.

For its part, she confirmed today in a statement her fire-fighting services in the Australian capital that this is the largest evacuations in the history of Australia.

"I am delighted to say that we are not prepared at all before because today we are on the attack that we are likely to face from fires," he told GLS Prime Minister "Glass Perigklin" in his press statements today.

It is worth noting that more than 3000 firefighters have been deployed to combat 137 forest fires starting Saturday morning in New South Wales.

In the same context, meteorologists expected, on Saturday, that the temperature will rise above 45 degrees Celsius, with strong winds, in a very dry environment, which may cause severe consequences for many parts of southeast Australia, where fires raging in large areas.