Driving on the roads in New Zealand
Driving on the roads in New Zealand

Fines are highest in many countries such as New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Hungary.

Using the phone causes a lot of problems when driving a car, some believe that they are fully aware of what is happening around them when they are busy with the phone while driving, but in fact according to one study, the phone operator misses a lot of things around him, and will not notice until it is too late and a problem big

The use of mobile phones while driving in many countries, especially European countries and developed Arab countries is very important but expresses one of the things that cause many problems, especially on highways, including traffic accidents and others.

The New Zealand Automobile Club (ADAC) revealed that most countries in the European region are currently imposing severe penalties for the use of mobile phones while driving, including heavy fines of between 100 and 160 euros (US $ 160). To $ 255.

Some 30 European countries, including New Zealand, have doubled fines or significantly increased penalties for mobile phone use while driving in the country, especially on highways.The New Zealand Automobile Club revealed that Sweden and Serbia were among a handful of countries that had not yet imposed a ban on mobile phone use while driving on the roads, but imposed very severe and tougher penalties for drivers involved in accidents or those found responsible. For carelessness while driving.

If we launch an example of New Zealand, the fine is around NZ $ 4, but a point for each offense committed by a motorist is recorded at a central data bank that monitors massive traffic violations.

It is worth mentioning that the use of the phone by holding it or through the operation of the speakers on the status of loud sound in both cases the danger is one, the phone user may not always pay attention to the road exits or to traffic lights on the sides of the road and other important things during driving.