Cyril Ramaphosa driving a Navara car in South Africa
Cyril Ramaphosa driving a Navara car in South Africa

South Africa is introducing itself again in the automotive world in order to officially announce the production of Nissan Navara, the first pioneering car in South Africa, especially after it was officially announced by the Nissan Group in the presence of the President of South Africa, Cyril Rama Fawza, Chairman of the Board The company is in the Africa, Middle East and India region "Biman Karjan" and Managing Director of Nissan Group.

In a related context, the company has invested about three billion rand in its factory in Roslyn in Pretoria, which currently produces the famous Nissan NP200 and NP300 models, which are sold in forty-five countries in Africa.

In that blocking, this comes as part of Nissan's plan to expand in the region and increase production, will work to develop and modernize the Rosslyn plant with the addition of a modern and flexible production line through which all cars in South Africa can be assembled and modernized.

In that regard also, the development will also include employing more than 1,200 new employees with a plan to train employees and develop their skills in order to raise the quality of production, especially the production of the Nisnan Navara car, which is expected to start in the current year 2020 so that the total annual production of the factory size is more than five Sixty thousand cars.

On the one hand, the President of the Republic of South Africa confirmed that the new decision was taken by Nissan as part of the importance of the auto production sector in the country and contribute effectively to the economy and GDP.

At the present time, "the auto sector is the largest industrial sector in the Africa region, specifically in the state of South Africa, where it contributes about 7% of annual GDP and represents a third of industrial production.

 I am very pleased that Nissan has started producing the Navarra, and I would like to congratulate the employees for their hard work coming to South Africa. "

On his part, the President of Nissan in the Africa, Middle East and India region spoke in that speech: Africa is an essential part of the "Nissan" M.O.V.E. To 2022 in the medium term by which we seek to double our presence in Africa, the Middle East and India.

“We are presently present in many countries in Africa, including Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, and we are planning to set up a factory in Algeria,” he added.

On the other hand, today’s announcement highlights Africa’s development and its continuous transformation into an important global market, as well as the efforts of the South African government to ensure a stable environment that attracts long-term investments. Broad economy, bringing the number of suppliers to 34% for Nissan suppliers in South Africa at 318.

It should be noted that the Nissan Navara pickup has won many international awards since its launch in the market, including the award for the best pickup in the world in 2016, and achieved sales of more than 231 thousand cars in 2018, an annual increase of 6%, which It makes Navarra one of the best selling Nissan cars in the world. At the start of production in South Africa, Mike Whitfield, managing director of Nissan Group in Africa, said: