Traffic jam in Nigeria
Traffic jam in Nigeria

Fines are currently the largest and largest in many countries in the African region, for example, Nigeria, and in the European region for example New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Hungary and Malta.

At the present time, using the phone inside the African region, especially the country of Nigeria, which is the people who use the most mobile phone while driving, causes a lot of problems when driving a car on Nigerian roads.

In a related context, some people now believe that they are fully aware of what is happening around them when they are busy on the phone while driving on the roads.

But in life in Nigeria, according to the new and only study that was done in the previous period, busy people on the phone making a lot of mistakes among the things around him, you wouldn't notice until it was too late and ultimately caused a very big problem.

Using mobile phones while driving in the European region, especially many countries in the region, is very similar to using phones in the African region, especially in the State of Nigeria.

But using a mobile phone in Nigeria is very important, but it expresses one of the things that can cause many real problems, especially on all highways, including traffic accidents and others.

On the other hand, the Automobile Club in the European region, specifically in the state of New Zealand, revealed that most countries in the European region and the African region currently impose severe penalties on the use of mobile phones while driving.

The European Union government has announced heavy fines ranging from 100 to 160 euros (160 USD). To 255 dollars in some European countries.

Currently, severe fines and penalties are imposed on the use of mobile phones while driving in the African region, and Nigeria will soon begin to implement this.

For its part, about thirty European countries in the recent period, within the European Union, doubled fines recently and announced the increase in penalties significantly for mobile phone use while driving in any European region, especially on highways in Europe.

The European Automobile Club also revealed that some European Union countries such as Sweden, Serbia, New Zealand, Australia, France and Sweden among others were among a handful of countries that have not yet imposed a ban on using a mobile phone while driving on the roads, but imposed severe and severe penalties on drivers involved in those accidents or Those proven responsible due to severe negligence while driving in the European region.

If we present an example at the present time for the state of New Zealand, in the recent period, a fine and the penalty for speaking on the phone while driving is about four New Zealand dollars, but a point is recorded for every crime committed by a driver in a central data bank that monitors major traffic violations.

On the other hand, the use of the phone while driving cars at the present time by keeping it or by turning on the speakers in the case of loud sound in both cases, the risk is the same image, the phone user may not always be interested in the road exits or in the Traffic lights areas on both sides of the road and other important things while driving cars on highways.

Can you use the phone without holding it while driving?

According to the laws of the government, it is considered against the law to carry a mobile phone or satellite positioning device while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. However, using a mobile phone is permissible provided that you never hold hands, and this means that you must have the following:

- Bluetooth headset
Voice Command feature
- The phone is installed on the dashboard
- The phone is installed on the windshield
Integrated GPS in the car

Also, the communication device must be installed in the fully positioned hands position before driving, in order to be able to make calls without holding the device.

Despite this, the police have the right to stop you if they see that you lost focus due to using the mobile phone while driving, even if the device is in a fully hands free mode.

Can you use the GPS on your mobile phone while driving?

The law specifically states that it is against the law to use a handheld phone to track the map. If you want to use your phone for positioning, the government says that you must make sure that it is installed on the windshield or dashboard, and is in a visible position for use while driving, but it should not obstruct your view of the road, and it does not require you to hold it or interact with it.