Traffic law penalties in Britain
Traffic law penalties in Britain

At the present time, the authorities in Hungary are preparing to tighten the penalties on the country's traffic law for the current year 2020 in order to reduce accidents resulting from dangerous behaviors that spread widely among young people in the age group from 18 to 25 years.

In a related context, according to press reports published in newspapers today, the lack of concentration while driving because you are busy talking to the facilities of persons or laugh or listen to loud music or eat and drink and talk on a mobile phone big increase in traffic accidents rates in Britain.

Likewise, it is expected that the fines for the following offenses will reach $ 127, in addition to the ability to prevent driving while driving.

At the present time, all driving laws in Hungary can be confusing, and it is often difficult to distinguish between what is a name and what is a name.

Also, are you currently not allowed to drive barefoot or wear skis? This requires a law from the Hungarians so that they do not wear shoes while driving.

Clearance of emergency services in Hungary where motorists can be fined if they violate the law, while paving the way for an ambulance or any other vehicle.

Also, entering a lane for the bus or passage through a red light to allow the emergency vehicle to pass through, exposes you to a fine of not less than 100 HUF and a third of a point.