A group of kangaroos flee to escape the raging fire
A group of kangaroos flee to escape the raging fire

Shocking footage showed hundreds of terrified kangaroos fleeing in search of safety after firefires surrounded the homes of these animals in Australia.

The video was taken by Mitchell Leon after forest fires sprang out of control near the animal presence points in Monaro, New South Wales, according to a report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

In blurry shots, the animals can be seen climbing up a hill hoping to find a safe place to shelter from smoke and flames.

The fires raged on the Badja Forest Road, in the Contigani region, and affected more than 64,000 hectares of land.

Residents and tourists in the southern coastal town were forced to flee ash and fire on Monday night. Millions of animals were killed as a result of the fires that raged across the country.

The raging fires also resulted in the death of up to eight thousand koalas on the eastern coast alone.

Australian Environment Minister Susan Lee said that the North Central Coast destroyed by forest fires in New South Wales state that contains up to 28,000 koalas, may have lost 30 percent of these animals in recent months.

Earlier last year, before the forest fire crisis erupted in the country, the Australian Koala Corporation (AKF) estimated that only 80,000 of this type of animal remained in the country.

The Australian authorities today (Thursday) forced the eviction of some residents, while thousands of tourists fled from the areas on the southeastern coast of the country in anticipation of a new heat wave expected to hit the region on Saturday, threatening to fuel the huge catastrophic fires that devoured large areas of southeastern weeks, According to the French Press Agency.

These fires, which are still out of control, caused, during the past 48 hours, the killing of at least eight people and the trapping of many tourists.

Today, New South Wales State Prime Minister Gladys Brickleyan declared a seven-day state of emergency to allow for forced eviction, starting Friday.