A portrait of the election in Hong Kong
A portrait of the election in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has issued an urgent statement to all citizens on its territory due to

This morning, voters in Hong Kong lined up early in the morning to cast ballots in local elections on Sunday (November 24th), coinciding with continued protests in the province, amid calls for demonstrations on election day as well.

As of noon, about 30 percent of eligible Hong Kong citizens voted in local elections, according to the latest statistics from Hong Kong.

Some 4 million people are eligible to vote in Hong Kong.

According to the Reuters news agency, these election-related statistics indicate that this swallowing turnout, which represents more than 30% of the electorate in Hong Kong, is more than half of the turnout recorded by the provincial elections in 2011 and 2014.

The election is Hong Kong's first election since the start of popular protests, which have escalated and become the biggest political crisis in Hong Kong in recent years.

The local elections are a referendum on the popularity of the steady protest movement in the country for nearly five months, according to what analysts see the scene there.

The SPLM leaders are running in local elections, including Joshua Wong, one of the leading leaders of the Hong Kong protests, who announced late September to run in local elections.

Hong Kong has been living since June in the wake of popular protests over a special bill aimed at handing over suspects wanted by China to Beijing for trial.

Hong Kong is an autonomous region within the People's Republic of China, as is the case of Taiwan (China Taipei), which Beijing calls "rogue territory."