The banana shipment arrived last September
The banana shipment arrived last September

Police in Australia managed to arrest an Australian, who was involved in an attempt to introduce huge quantities of cocaine, as he hid them in a very insidious way, and the Australian police issued a sentence of life imprisonment against the accused.

The British newspaper (The Guardian) indicated that the amount of drugs that were discovered and seized by the police, from cocaine, had a financial value of approximately $ 248 million, and it was hidden inside a shipment of bananas.

The Federal Police, in cooperation with officers from the border guards, managed to seize 552 kilograms of drugs hidden in bananas, on Friday, in Sydney.

The Australian police also arrested another sixty-eight-year-old man, northwest of the city, after receiving information from the US authorities about the "suspicious cargo".

The seized shipment was seized on September 21, and police say Marc de Hessel received 139 boxes of the drug stuffed in its core.

It is worth noting that the official in the monitoring department of the Australian Federal Police, Geoffrey Turner, said that the border restrictions imposed due to Corona did not prevent criminal groups from continuing to try to bring drugs into the country.

Geoffrey stressed that these gangs resort to camouflage by means of things like fruits and other things, so that law enforcement agencies cannot monitor.