Corona virus in Australia
Corona virus in Australia

A spokesperson for the New South Wales Department of Health said that there has been an acceleration in the number of people living with HIV in the state of New South Wales in the past few days.

This comes at a time when the health of New South Wales announced six new infections with the virus, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 15, which brings the number of infections throughout Australia to 40.

The state's health department also indicated that a third local HIV infection had been confirmed by a woman in her fifties who had not recently traveled outside of Australia, which means that the infection had occurred locally, but health authorities have not yet been able to know how the virus reached the woman.

Health authorities in New South Wales announced that a man in the 1930s had been infected with the virus, who had come from Iran on March 1 aboard a plane that first landed in Kuala Lumpur and continued its journey to Sydney.

The health authorities called on the passengers arriving on the flight to review the hospitals immediately in the event of any symptoms.

Yesterday, the New South Wales Department of Health confirmed four cases of coronavirus.

The new cases of COVID-19 include a 53-year-old man who recently traveled to Singapore, a 39-year-old man who traveled to Iran, two women in their sixties who were in South Korea and Japan, as well as two new cases whose details have not been released.

For his part, Health Secretary of New South Wales Brad Hazard said that the increase in the number of cases in the state during the past few days reflects what is happening all over the world.