Ford company training for all citizens of South Africa
Ford company training for all citizens of South Africa

Ford launched the Ford Driving Skills for Safe Life program for the first time in South Africa, and the American University of Cape Town hosted the event from November 24 to 27, providing over 240 new drivers with hands-on and hands-free driving skills training.

The Ford Driving Skills program, acclaimed for its distinguished life, focused on the most common problems facing young drivers, including risk recognition, vehicle handling, speed and road management, and driving without focusing or impairing driving.

The Ford Driving Skills program has achieved remarkable annual growth since its trial launch in the United States of America 16 years ago, and in Asia and South Africa a few years later.

In 2013, the program became very popular in Europe and the Middle East, where it witnessed more successes. The program achieved a remarkable achievement in 2017, when a number of new drivers who received training received a million drivers in Ford cars for free.

South Africa has become the second North African country to join the rapidly expanding program, following Morocco's launch of this award-winning program last year in the region.

Ford aims to raise awareness of the importance of safe driving practices among young people, the segment most at risk from road accidents.

Ashraf Al Bustani, Ford's managing director for North and Sub-Saharan Africa, said: “Road accidents cause one person to die in the world every 24 seconds, and official statistics from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in South Africa indicate that more than 8,000 accidents in the country last year, which claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people, so Ford sees road safety as one of the main pillars of its business philosophy, and organizing campaigns such as the Ford Driving Skills Program for a safe life will contribute to enhancing the knowledge and awareness of young drivers Their trust a Remote command, thus reducing the number of accidents on the roads. "

In this context, George Marquis, Dean of Students at the American University of Cape Town, said: "The Ford Leadership Skills Program for a safe life is in line with the strategic goal of the American University of Cape Town to enhance the well-being and well-being of students.

Through this unique program, Ford provides the skills and information that young drivers may have been ignorant of before, and that will ensure their safety on the road better, and many university students I spoke to have reported that they have already started applying what they learned during the program. "

According to the latest statistics issued by the World Health Organization, road accidents cause about 1.35 million people a year, while 20 to 50 million other people are exposed to non-fatal injuries, many of which lead to disability.

Worryingly, WHO statistics indicate that road traffic injuries are the world's leading cause of death for children and youth aged 5-29 years. For 16 years, the Ford Driving Skills program has provided a safe life. Training for more than one million drivers with a market license recently in more than 40 countries, investing more than $ 50 million, confirms Ford's permanent commitment to promoting road safety.

Also last week, the Ford Motor Company Fund organized a three-day workshop for the Henry Ford Entrepreneur Academy at the American University of Cape Town for three days in South Africa.

This unique program contributes to enhancing courage, crystallizing and increasing focus on emerging business ideas, and also provides an opportunity to learn and gain experience from pioneers who have succeeded in launching many distinguished projects.

In partnership with the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), the Henry Ford Entrepreneur Academy workshops provide a unique opportunity that enables future entrepreneurs to excel in their endeavors and gain many thinking and behavior skills such as entrepreneurs.

The Ford Motor Company Fund is investing about a third of its funds to support education, including scholarships and programs that help schools provide new ways of learning for students.