Fish deaths are a phenomenon that worries Australians
Fish deaths are a phenomenon that worries Australians

Several media and press reports in Australia today revealed great fears that thousands of fish in rivers would die in southwestern Victoria, especially after floods that do not recur only once every 50 years.

It is worth noting that many rivers have swelled last week, in a number of areas, especially the Shipwreck Coast, where rivers swelled to record levels after some areas witnessed a full month of rain within 48 hours, according to reports from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Currently, many locals are posting many pictures on social media, since the beginning of the floods in Victoria, and the pictures indicate the presence of thousands of fish on the banks of the Glenelig River.

"We are saddened to announce that the mouth of the Glenelge River is currently witnessing an alarming state of fish death after the recent flood events," the Glenelig Hopkins Watershed Management Authority said in a Facebook post on Monday with a photo of the traumatic scene attached.

The agency added that after the heavy rains, levels of dissolved oxygen in the water fell below levels that fish and other aquatic organisms could survive at.

"Unfortunately, there are no remedial measures that can be followed," a spokesman for the Glenelig Hopkins Watershed Management Authority told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The spokesman added that there is no certainty about how long the current conditions might take to change, but "since the flows from the source push the poor quality water into the sea, it is expected that the levels of dissolved oxygen will improve".