Leighton - Off Shore - Source:AFP
Leighton - Off Shore - Source:AFP

The Australian Federal Police arrested the managing director of (Leighton - Off Shore) oil company, Russell Wu, an Australian citizen in Brisbane, for his involvement in paying bribes worth $ 78 million, in order to secure oil contracts in Iraq.

Bribes were used to secure lucrative oil contracts through an international corruption network to build an oil pipeline in Iraq worth one billion five hundred million dollars, and the money was handed over to senior officials in the Iraqi Oil Ministry and officials of the Southern Oil Company, according to the Australian police statement.

The Australian police said, according to Australian media, that the investigation took nine years in cooperation with London and Washington.

Police indicated, after their international investigation, that Leighton paid bribes through contractors, including the Monaco-based Una Oil Company, which two former senior executives pleaded guilty to last year for being part of a scheme to bribe government officials in several countries, including Azerbaijan. , Syria, and Iraq, according to the agency, "Agence France-Presse."

The police also announced that it had issued two other arrest warrants for two of its citizens, who live abroad.