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Camera control

Using a mobile phone while driving in Australia is currently a very high risk, especially as it currently causes many road accidents in Australia.

Which prompted the Australian government to take into account the launch of a law and put in place measures to reduce the use of mobile phones while driving in Australia.

For example, the transportation authorities in the state of New South Wales within the state of Australia operated cameras to monitor all mobile phones, especially with all Australian drivers or with anyone who owns a car or driver's license in Australia.

In a related context, the Australian government revealed that the aim of that law or of these precautionary measures, especially with the spread of the Corona virus in many countries of the world is to reduce the number of accidents on Australian roads by a third within two years.

Also, the use of a mobile phone while driving has also become a source of transmission for the infection of the Corona virus, especially if it uses a person and the owner of the phone is infected with the virus.
For its part, the transportation authority within the state of New South Wales within the state of Australia, which includes the city of Sydney, which is one of the largest cities in Australia, today, the first cameras in the world in order to discover mobile phones will work daily throughout the twenty-four hours, and in All weather conditions, in order to discover any driver using a mobile phone.
The Transport Authority within the state of New South Wales within the state of Australia also confirmed that mobile phone detection cameras currently use artificial intelligence, in order to review photos and monitor the illegal use of the phone, while Michael Corby, assistant commissioner of the New South State Police, revealed Wells, "It is a system for changing culture."
On the other hand, the law in New South Wales allows calling or receiving voice calls while driving, but provided that headphones are used, and the law prohibits all other uses of a mobile phone while driving, such as video calls, use of social media sites, and photography.
On the other hand, it is expected that the cameras will inspect about 135 million cars every year, while other countries in the current sustenance are looking to introduce the same technology.
It should be noted that the state currently has a fine for using a mobile phone while driving in Australia amounting to 344 Australian dollars (233 dollars), and a fine of 457 Australian dollars (310 dollars) in school districts.