Australian Prime Minister "Scott Morrison" revealed that New Zealand and South Korea, in addition to Japan, and the island of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean, would be the first countries that Australians would be allowed to travel to.

The Australian Prime Minister added that he is currently studying traffic lights, which will allow people who enter Australia from countries safe from the Corona virus to avoid quarantine in the hotel.

However, to date, the date on which the travel will be resumed has not been officially announced, but Mr. Morrison said that the first step would be to open up to "safe sites".

Morrison said during an interview with reporters, that our borders will open at some point in safe locations, whether it is New Zealand or parts of the Pacific Ocean or places such as South Korea or Japan or countries that have achieved a higher success rate.

Mr Morrison said other countries, including Denmark and Greece, have similar models where returning travelers do not have to go into quarantine unless they come from places with high levels of coronavirus.

He said he is considering letting people quarantine at home rather than in hotels if they travel from a low-risk country.

Home quarantine could play a role in the future and is being considered by the AHPPC (Australian Health Protection Home Committee).