Corona cases in Australia
Corona cases in Australia

Queensland confirmed the second case of coronavirus on its soil just hours after Victoria confirmed the third person infected, bringing the total number of people infected in the country to nine cases.

The highest-ranking health official in Queensland revealed the identity of the second case, a 42-year-old woman from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus. The woman was traveling in the same group that included the 44-year-old, who also hails from Wuhan, and was registered as the first HIV case in Queensland.

That group of eight people traveled on an internal flight from Melbourne to Gold Coast before they showed symptoms and were isolated in the Gold Coast University Hospital.

"The woman is currently isolated in the Gold Coast University Hospital and in stable condition," said Dr. Janet Young.

The authorities are seeking to communicate with the passengers of the Tiger Airways flight # TT566, on which the group traveled on January 27. However, the authorities said that the possibility of infection from the group to the rest of the plane's passengers is very low.

"The most important thing for me here is for people to understand that this is a respiratory virus, and therefore it is transmitted through the air in a manner that is not different from the way a cold is transmitted," said Dr. Young. "And therefore the methods of prevention and prevention of transmission are the same with the cold."

"Wash your hands frequently, and keep one meter between you and any person coughing or sneezing and the most important thing ever. I think everyone has heard this before. If you feel unwell, stay at home."

Earlier on Thursday, health authorities confirmed that a woman in her forties, from Hubei Province and its capital, Wuhan, was infected with Corona virus, making her the third case in Victoria.

"The woman is suffering from a respiratory disease and is in stable condition," said the state's health ministry spokesman. "Her gangs were confirmed after a series of medical examinations."

To date, 7,700 cases of corona virus have been confirmed, most of them in China, while the number of victims of the disease has jumped to 170. There were nine cases in Australia, two in Queensland, four in New South Wales and three in Victoria.

The chief health officer of New South Wales, Dr. Carrie Chant, said that the state had not registered any additional cases and that two of the confirmed cases had been released from the hospital.

"Two of the patients became healthy and were discharged on January 29th while the other two were in stable condition in hospital," Chant said.

The government is currently working on a plan to evacuate 600 Australians stuck in the Chinese city of Wuhan so far. The government plans to place all those evicted under quarantine on Christmas Island before being allowed to return to the country.