Children of Lebanese origin
Children of Lebanese origin

Three of the children killed in the accident that occurred on Saturday night near Parramatta were the children of Danny Abdullah and Layla Geagea, and the fourth was a family friend.

Four children of Lebanese origin died and a fifth was in critical condition in hospital after being hit by a four-wheel drive vehicle while riding bicycles in northwest Sydney.

The 29-year-old was arrested after a breath, blood and urine test showed alcohol in his blood.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that three of the children killed in the accident that occurred on Saturday evening near Parramatta were brothers and children of Danny Abdullah and Leila Geagea, and that the fourth was a friend of the family.

Mr. Abdullah's children were killed in the accident, Anthony 13 years old, Angelina 12 years old, and Siena 9 years old.

Their cousin, Mrs. Bridget, lost her daughter in the same accident.

The seven children affected by the accident were friends and family related to each other.

"Yesterday, I lost three of my children. My cousin, Brigitte, also lost her daughter," Daniel Abdullah told reporters on Sunday morning.

"I feel drugged, that's probably how I feel at the moment."

"All I want to say is, please, drivers, be careful. These children were walking innocently and enjoying the company of each other, and this morning I woke up and I lost three children."

Police said emergency services were called to the Outlands area before 8 pm on Saturday, but four children died at the scene.

The fifth child, 10, was taken to Westmead Children's Hospital and is now in critical condition.

A spokeswoman for an ambulance in New South Wales said that two girls, ages 10 and 13, were taken to hospital, both of whom are in serious but stable condition.

The Sunday Telegraph also reported that the police believed that the group of seven children was crossing the pedestrian path on their way to buy ice cream, when the SUV hit them.

Fathers ’brothers who were killed in the accident, Danny Abdullah and Layla Geagea, were reported to have had six children.

A friend of the father told the newspaper: "I cannot yet understand what happened."

"He had six children - he has lost half of his family now. They have lived here for years and everyone here knows him."

A witness in the area of ​​the accident described how residents tried to save the children.

He said: "People ran and were on a cardiopulmonary resuscitation mission until the paramedics arrived here."

One of the women was shouting "Save them, save them."

New South Wales ambulance director Andrew McAlpine said the paramedics arrived at the scene and the scene was awful.

He added: "When the first crews arrived at the site, they were shocked by the massacre in the place, it was a very difficult scene in chaos."

The police said the family was in the hospital with their relatives.

"They are clearly in a state of extreme amazement and in these circumstances we cannot provide much information to them at this stage, as this will be very difficult for them," said Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jason Joyce.

The 29-year-old man was driving a four-wheel drive vehicle on Pettington Avenue in the Outlands area just before 8 pm on Saturday, when he was said to have rammed a group of children on the pedestrian path.

Australian police said that the 29-year-old driver, Samuel William Davidson, will appear in court on Sunday after he was charged with 20 charges, including manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol, following the accident that occurred on Saturday evening in the Outlands suburb in western Sydney.

In Beirut, the official news agency quoted the Lebanese Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement that the four dead children are Lebanese and that Foreign Minister Nassif Hatti "gave instructions to the Lebanese ambassador in Australia to follow up on the matter and provide all possible assistance to the families of the victims."