Doha Airport
Doha Airport

In an official statement today, the Australian Foreign Office reiterated its call for the Qatari side to hand over the findings of investigations at Doha Airport, which examined Australian women citizens in a humiliating manner at the airport three months ago.

In a statement to the Guardian, the Foreign Office said it was disappointed that Qatar had not yet handed over a report on the incident at Hamad International Airport.

In her press statements, the Australian Foreign Ministry added that it continues to communicate on a daily basis with the Qatari side, in order to get the latest updates on the immoral incident that took place at Doha Airport.

The incident at Doha Airport last year, where Doha airport authorities forced a number of Australian passengers from a sydney-bound flight, and airport security agencies forced passengers to undress, as well as medical checks, following the discovery by the security services of the presence of an abandoned baby in the airport bathroom.

Immediately after the incident, the Qatari Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a formal apology for the immoral act that took place at Doha Airport, confirming the investigation, publishing the findings of the investigations and submitting them to the Australian Foreign Office.