Corona virus in Australia
Corona virus in Australia

In a move that raises doubts closer to the certainty that the Corona virus is widespread in the Emirate of Qatar from the State of Australia after Australia declared a state of emergency after the spread of the Corona virus in it.

For its part, the Australian authorities intensified their procedures to communicate with passengers who were on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Sydney last week and were sitting near a woman who was later confirmed to be the sixth case of the Corona virus in New South Wales.

For its part, the New South Wales Health Department said that the woman, still in her fifties, flew from Iran to Sydney via Qatar on February 23, and her symptoms began to appear after 24 hours of landing, but the woman did not visit the hospital until six days later, and all were urged People on board the Qatar Airways QR908 flight have been isolated and seeking immediate health assessment if they develop symptoms.

This comes at a time when the Australian authorities announced the registration of 3 new infections with the new Corona virus in the state of New South Wales.

The Australian newspaper "The Australian" reported that the authorities of the state of New South Wales recorded the first case of transmission from one person to another inside the country, and in this regard, the Minister of Health in the state of New South Brad Hazard said that three new cases of Covid 19 had been confirmed in the state Bringing the number of infected cases in the state to nine people.

The Minister of Health - in a statement to reporters - added that two of the new cases had "a high risk of infection in New South Wales."

It is worth noting that one of the cases is the sister of a man who returned from Iran with the disease, while the second case that was infected with the virus locally was by a 53-year-old doctor who had not traveled for several months.

The Australian authorities announced that the number of confirmed cases of the new "Corona" virus in the country has risen to 13 after recording the case of an 8-year-old child in the state of "Queensland". To face the outbreak of the virus, Australia has started implementing emergency measures to contain the spread of the disease that infected about 82 A thousand people around the world have killed more than 2,800, the vast majority of them in China.