Australian army picture preparing to eliminate the Corona virus
Australian army picture preparing to eliminate the Corona virus

Australia and New Zealand close the borders to sound the war bell and the Australian and New Zealand army are now preparing to eradicate the Corona virus at a request from the Australian and New Zealand government to help eradicate that virus.

On Thursday, Australia and New Zealand closed the border for the war against the Corona virus and announced an unprecedented ban on entry into the country of non-citizens and non-residents as part of strengthening closures aimed at stemming the spread of the new Corona virus.

This came as Qantas, Australia's largest airline, announced on Thursday that it would grant two-thirds of its employees unpaid leave until at least the end of next May and would halt all international flights this month, while the central bank cut key interest rates to record levels.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that "a travel ban will be imposed on all non-residents and non-Australian nationals coming to Australia, and it will enter into force as of 9:00 p.m. Friday."

New Zealand also took similar action, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, "I realize this is a very exceptional situation. In the history of New Zealand, no such authority has been used."

Australia and New Zealand have already announced a set of restrictions to deal with the epidemic, but they have not closed schools nor imposed broad closures.

Policymakers hope that the closures will slow the spread of the virus sufficiently so that countries do not have to impose harsh measures that can cripple their economies and change their lifestyle for months to come.

Australia has recorded 709 confirmed cases of the virus so far, and this number doubles every three days. New Zealand recorded 28 injuries.

Marrison said about 80 percent of infections in Australia came from "someone who contracted the virus outside the country, or someone who was in direct contact with someone who came back from abroad."

A recent opinion poll showed that 69% of Australians support closing the border.