Artificial intelligence breaks into the automotive world and is a traffic law in many countries
Artificial intelligence breaks into the automotive world and is a traffic law in many countries

At the present time, scientists do not stop developing artificial intelligence, and the last thing that the experts developed was a modern system through which all factors of artificial intelligence can choose the appropriate time in order to inform the driver of certain information during the driving of the car, in order to limit this technology from traffic accidents .

In a related context, researchers in South Korea have developed a new system of artificial intelligence that can choose the appropriate time to inform the driver of specific information while driving, in order not to distract his focus in front of the wheel.

In this regard, the technology invented by researcher Yoshin Lee of the Industrial and Engineering Systems Department of the Higher Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea aims to choose the safe timing to address the driver without this leading to the possibility of a car accident.

For this purpose, the researchers have developed a vehicle system that takes into account safe driving while improving the performance of the audio service to deliver information to the driver, so that the system can determine priorities when choosing the appropriate times to address the driver, as well as the most appropriate types of voice services that suit every car driver.

For example, informing the driver of weather information always comes second after safety considerations, but if information is required that requires the driver to answer “yes” or “no”, the system makes a rapid assessment of giving priority to delivering the information, or waiting In order to preserve the safety element.

In order to help the system determine the priorities correctly, the team developed a prototype for an audio service connected to a navigation application that can be used in reality, and this model was connected to a computer inside the car to collect data on driving conditions such as the angle of the steering wheel and the position of the brake pad, as well as the conditions of the vehicle on the road Such as speed and distance between surrounding cars and traffic density.

At the present time, governments in the European Union and in many countries are discussing adding artificial intelligence, which determines the appropriate time to talk to and control the driver while driving in traffic laws and in order to maintain the safety of the driver or car owners.

It is expected that this system will help in reducing the distraction elements that the driver is exposed to while driving, and may be linked to the current voice services systems in place, as well as the functionality that you do can be expanded to include monitoring various elements of attention that threaten safe driving, such as using the phone Mobile while driving.

And the website "Phys dot org", a specialist in technology, quoted the researcher as saying: "In the year 2020, cars will provide voice information interactively with the driver, and this technology will help to enhance the element of safety while driving because it will choose the appropriate timing to provide the information." To the driver depending on the sensor data inside the cars. "

This is how artificial intelligence breaks into our lives

Car makers are working to introduce a new technology to prevent traffic accidents as a result of using a mobile phone or a quick snooze, beginning through assistance systems in smart cars that can stick to the path or stop when needed. Smart cars alert their surroundings with cameras and scanners, and add to their algorithm after learning from real situations.

People who cannot manage their daily lives alone benefit greatly from the "helping hand" technology. In Japan there are many pilot projects in homes for the elderly. Also in Bavaria, Germany, the German Space Center (DLR) is searching for auxiliary robots - as (pictured) - that can press the elevator buttons or place covers. These robots can also call for help in an emergency.

Until now, AI had not been able to completely replace doctors. However, it helps in rapid diagnoses and arranging the necessary treatment, for example when a patient has a stroke, digital assistance may be useful at the time, such as analyzing previous cases and researching treatments that helped to heal.

The watch that accepts tasks from Google and Apple is no longer rare, but on the contrary it is very common and constantly evolving. One of the updated specifications is the translation of speech into multiple foreign languages. The country in which you are located.

Should the accused be released on bail before his trial, or not? According to statistics, this decision is often determined only by the feeling of the judge. Therefore, the "public safety assessment" algorithm has helped in making similar decisions since 2017, as it includes data and information on millions of American cases while assessing the risks involved.

In a Beijing restaurant in China, restaurant guests can order their favorite menu from robots, then the digital assistants search for the desired food in the kitchen (pictured) and deliver it to the robot waiter, who delivers it to the customer's table. Fully automated system, and saves clients ’requests for the next visit.

Who does not dream of getting a personal butler in his home? There is already an alternative to that "Android server" like "Walker" (pictured), which acts as an assistant and organizes the calendar and email account. He can also play with children. There are other types of robot server, as it replaces the postman and delivers packages to homes.