US Geological Survey, earthquake, New Jersey,
US Geological Survey, earthquake, New Jersey,

Today, Wednesday morning, the Geological Survey of the United States of America revealed that a small earthquake was discovered today in New Jersey.

The earthquake center added that the magnitude of the earthquake is 3.1 degrees, and it is scheduled to be located near southeastern Freehold, New Jersey, adding that many residents in remote areas such as Philadelphia and Long Yeland also felt the earthquake.

A woman who lives in Freehold and claims (Teresa McAllister) indicated that she felt the earthquake and thought that something had hit her house.

On the other hand, (Robert Sanders) and a geophysicist at the United States Geological Survey indicated in press statements that the earthquake occurred in a relatively uncommon area, indicating that two previous types of earthquakes were recorded with a magnitude of 3.0 and greater in a radius of 10 miles from the earthquake. In Freehold: 3.1 earthquake in 1992 and 3.5 earthquake in 1979.

An urgent warning of a 3.1-magnitude earthquake will hit New Jersey, according to the US Geological Survey

"It will take a few days or weeks before analysts can tell if there is a specific error in the cause here," Sanders said. He added that structural damage is possible but unlikely. The damages are most likely to be items falling off the shelves.

A spokesman for the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office also confirmed to News 4 that there were at least 125 calls in the half-hour period at the 911 call center; No damage has been reported. The US Geological Survey says more than 5,500 people have submitted "Felt It" reports online.

The Freehold Police Department said the transmission sent dozens of calls and that the epicenter was 500 feet from the police station. An administration spokesman said the quake appeared to be "the ground has fallen" rather than a wavy movement.