An earthquake hits Australia
An earthquake hits Australia

The Australian government has just disclosed that a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Vanuatu Islands in eastern Australia in the Pacific and hit other places in Australia.

According to several earthquake-monitoring sites, an earthquake occurred at 15.02 GMT, 66 km from the town of Norsob in the Vanuatu Archipelago.

The observation center stated that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 192 km and measured 6.5 on the Richter scale.

The observation center revealed that no tsunami warning has been issued yet, but if the disasters continue, it could happen.

On the other hand, "AFP" quoted the institute as saying that another surface earthquake occurred 203 km to the west of the marine resort of Broome in Western Australia, and the tremor was felt in the resort of Broome and Port Hedland, which is the main Australian port for exporting minerals.

She showed and showed video clips on social media sites of cars and buildings, which were shaking and goods falling from the shelves, and some residents reported that there was slight material damage.

Broome is located in the Kimberley region, which includes mining and oil production sites in northwest Australia.

The Earth Sciences Agency data showed that the earthquake was felt by residents in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, although it is more than two thousand kilometers away. A score of 4.1 was recorded.

At present, the Australian state is experiencing many disasters, including forest fires, after the Australian plane crashes, and then floods.