New Zealand plane
New Zealand plane

New Zealand Airlines revealed Thursday morning that a New Zealand plane crashed in the Mediterranean, and the New Zealand authorities are currently doing the necessary work and finding the wreckage of the plane.

In a related context, the New Zealand government revealed that hope diminished in finding survivors, as a result of the crash of its Airbus A320 plane, which it chartered a German charter company over the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of southwestern France last Thursday night.

In a related context, it was found three people with the search operations carried out by the New Zealand Navy throughout the night in difficult weather conditions, in order to find the rest of the passengers of the plane, which was carrying seven people, including five from New Zealand.

In this regard, the "New Zealand Airlines" company confirmed yesterday, Wednesday, that one of its Airbus A320 planes had fallen in the Mediterranean Sea, which was leased to a European-based airline.

On the other hand, Radio New Zealand quoted company CEO Rob Vivi as saying that the stricken plane was operating at the disposal of the company that chartered it, explaining that the plane was to be returned to New Zealand Airlines next month.

And Ashger Schubert, a spokesman for the German company "XL" for short trips, showed that two of the crew of "XL" company and some of the crew of New Zealand Airlines were on board at the time of the accident.

Radio New Zealand spoke that this accident coincides with the twenty-ninth anniversary of a tragic accident that happened to another plane of New Zealand Airlines, which killed 257 people.

Currently, two French Navy frigates and aircraft, as well as a civil defense helicopter, are conducting tracing operations.