Scientists in Australia are concerned about the types of frog-eating frog spread in the south of the country, where these frogs can cause permanent damage to the ecosystem due to their persistent eating habits without satiety. ...

According to the Daily Mail, ecologists from the University of South Australia have studied the nature of the frog, a frog that does not stop eating without satiety, and quickly becomes spread across the Nullarbor Plain on Australia's south coast.

The team analyzed the intestinal contents of 76 speckled frog caught from the countryside around Adelaide, including artificial wetlands, the jungle area and the urban environment.

The team found that the frog's intestine had six different species of prey in its stomach, and scientists documented more than 200 different species of prey with the intestines of all 76 frogs.

The prey discovered with the frog's bowl included a group of beetles, spiders, geckos, mice, insects and even other small frogs.