Good news about the Corona crisis in South Africa and the soon return to normalcy
Good news about the Corona crisis in South Africa and the soon return to normalcy

The South African country was able to test an old vaccine, which was used to prevent tuberculosis, for use now in fighting the emerging coronavirus.

South African researchers in Cape Town began a clinical study today, Monday, to test the protective effects of a century-old tuberculosis vaccine on the emerging coronavirus.

"TASC" said in a statement that although it is used as a vaccine against tuberculosis in children, the "Basil Calmette neighbors" vaccine also protects from other respiratory infections in children and adults.

Dr. Karen Upton, a prominent researcher, told the German Press Agency (dpa) that they hope to collect data comparable to the experiences of "Basil Calmette Jeeran", such as those in the Netherlands and Australia - so that recommendations can be made to use it or against its use to treat Corona virus epidemic.

"Most importantly, we are looking at something different from these two experiences," she said, explaining that unlike Australia and the Netherlands, South Africa has a comprehensive vaccination policy with Basil-Calmette neighbors.

This means that most South African citizens were vaccinated upon birth so the study will examine the effect of re-vaccination.

A "Basil Calmette Jeer" vaccine will be given to a group of about 500 health care workers to determine "whether re-vaccination reduces the likelihood of infection, and / or the severity of symptoms of Covid-19 disease to front-row workers who work in Direct contact with infected patients.