The head of the Saudi Passports Department talks about the arrivals in the Kingdom
The head of the Saudi Passports Department talks about the arrivals in the Kingdom

The Saudi Passports Department called on all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia to this urgent matter through a special message.

The General Directorate of Saudi Passports sent a letter to all residents who did not register their fingerprints in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by quickly reviewing the passports departments and registering their fingerprints and their companions in the automated system.
In a related context, the Passports Directorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that it called for this to avoid stopping their computer records to take advantage of the multiple passport services.

In this regard, I stressed that the records of expatriates residing in the Kingdom who have not registered their vital features (fingerprint) in the automated system will be stopped and no action will be carried out on their computer records without their fingerprints.

Saudi passports send a message to residents of Saudi Arabia

For its part, it has indicated and demonstrated that sites have been prepared to register the fingerprints of residents in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom and support them with advanced equipment and qualified human cadres to ensure accuracy and speed in completing procedures and providing the best services.

Saudi Arabia calls all expats to this urgent matter

And the Passport Department in Saudi Arabia revealed that the beneficiary can view the fingerprint registration sites by visiting the official website or by communicating via e-mail to answer all inquiries and receive all opinions.