Monitor someone on WhatsApp
Monitor someone on WhatsApp

With the great technological development, and the proliferation of many programs that enhance human communication with each other, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and others, appeared in return other applications that help everyone according to their purpose, there are hacking programs as well as spyware and surveillance.

Recently, some people use horrible apps to monitor someone on WhatsApp when it is available online, but monitoring someone on WhatsApp to monitor sometimes is necessary, especially parental ones; in this article we will show you how to monitor someone on Whatsapp regardless of purpose.

How to monitor someone on whatsapp

A person on WhatsApp that only owns their phone number is monitored using several apps listed in this article.

Applications used to monitor someone on WhatsApp

Many applications, such as Chatwatch and WhatsDog, are used in the monitoring process.

Monitor with Chatwatch or ChatW

This program is designed to monitor and detect someone on WhatsApp when online and using chat. The program is called ChatWatcher and is known as ChatW and lets you discover when one of your contacts is live on WhatsApp, when two of your friends chat with each other, or when your most active WhatsApp contacts are active.

About ChatW

Although the program does not allow you to spy on real chats, but shows enough information about the timetable of a person, especially on WhatsApp, it is also not free, as the use of this application costs a weekly amount of money.

The app was available on the Google Play store and the iPhone iOS app until recently, and then after rumors spread about it, it appears to have been deleted, but came back under the name ChatW and its APK can be found on different sites and downloaded. So be careful, if you suspect someone knows when you're on Whatsapp or when you hide your last appearance. Be aware that there is a high probability of being watched using Chatwatch.

How does Chatwatch work?

Chatwatch is thought to be using online or offline status for your contacts, and this feature lets others know when you're online. The app can keep you informed about your friends' habits of using WhatsApp. It also tells you when they go to sleep or when they wake up.

The app can compare chat styles between two people, and lets you know if they're talking to each other using AI capabilities.

Why use Chatwatch

Chatwatch is used to monitor the activity of your friends, family or employees on WhatsApp, whether they appear or disappear, and even shows if they hide their last appearance, when they went to sleep, how many hours they sleep, compares the conversation patterns between people you know, and tells you if they talk to Some of them during the day using artificial intelligence, “remember to describe the chat on Play Stor if it's available there.”

What about privacy

The application is locked and does not give your information to third-party websites, but this claim exacerbates a major problem here, WhatsApp's own claim that his service is encrypted, but it is clear that he will face some problems, especially in the presence of a person monitoring program on Whatsapp snooping on people and discover when They are on WhatsApp.

Monitor someone on WhatsApp using WhatsDog

You can spy on WhatsApp where it gives you some information about who you want to monitor, such as knowing the last appearance on WhatsApp, and how long it took to open the program in addition to sending alerts if you log in to WhatsApp.

You can get WhatsDog by downloading it from the Google Play Store. If your Android system will be installed when you press the Start button and ask for your account and then ask you the number you want to monitor.

Way of using it

WhatsDog gives you four options in terms of choosing when you want to see the activity of the watched person, statistics on how long that person has spent over a given period, and finally lets you change the program's settings and replace the watched number with another number.

Note: The above apps are used to monitor someone on WhatsApp you are not in spatial contact with and all you have about them is their mobile phone number.