Notify someone connected in WhatsApp
Notify someone connected in WhatsApp

WhatsApp today is one of the most important instant messaging programs around the world if it is not the first one, due to the features it offers such as sending text messages, videos, photos, sound clips, voice calls and video calls in addition to its ease of use and simplicity, making the number of active daily users around the world nearly 300 If you are curious or there is a reason to monitor that person's activity.

Thanks to Americans Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who were former employees of Yahoo, they jointly launched WhatsApp in 2009 as an instant messaging app for mobile phones. In February 2014, Facebook acquired it with a deal worth US $ 19.3 billion.

With the increasing use of WhatsApp and increasing the number of users has increased the need for new features and unique to meet the needs of different types of people, and we will talk in this article on how to get the notice of a person connected in WhatsApp regardless of the reasons.

This feature lets you know if that person is connected to WhatsApp by getting a notification of someone connected in WhatsApp instead of constantly monitoring them to see if they connect to the app.

Ways to get notified of someone connected in WhatsApp

You can do this easily and simply via the WhatMonitor app just follow the steps below (where you can do it whether your device is running Android or iOS).

First, download WhatMonitor from the Google Play store.

After downloading the application, open it and create an account by entering your email and setting an appropriate password.

Once you have created an account for you, the application will ask you to enter the contact you want to track to see when it is connected to WhatsApp.When you enter the contact, make sure the number and country code that you can choose from the screen are correct as shown in the picture.

After you enter the contact number you want to track, the app will ask you to wait and wait ten minutes for the tracking configuration to complete.

After you finish configuring the tracking process, the app will send you a notification that the contact you tracked is now connected to WhatsApp as pictured.

Of course, WhatMonitor application is not the only one that offers you the property to get the notice of a person connected in WhatsApp, there are many applications, and we will this article by mentioning another application is one of the most common applications in this topic, which is WhatsDOG.

WhatsDOG application does not differ from the steps of its use and activation of the application WhatMomitor, you must first download the application from the Play Store, then create an account on it and then enter the contact number you want to track taking into account the correct number and country code.

However, WhatsDOG gives you additional features; even if the contact you want to track has blocked you or hid your activity, it can see if it's connected in WhatsApp and send you a notification.