The first game on PlayStation 5
The first game on PlayStation 5

When PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch next winter, they will each come with a host of new games, including first-party titles and external titles being developed in time for the launch of the two consoles.

Microsoft announced this new game yesterday evening in an unexpected discovery, especially for all fans of PlayStation 5 games.

In a related context, the PlayStation Company showed us about the Scarlett project and launched that name on it and revealed many many details in that new game.

The first game in PlayStation 5 - the first game in PlayStation 5

The new game launched by the Playstation company came through a video clip, but it is very exciting where the game is included in the X series, and it will also be included in all new Xbox devices and can be used for the user to play that new game.

This comes even though the first PS5 game announcement might not be surprising to Microsoft, but we still have a trailer that gives you a sneak peek at the PS5 title.

The new game that is currently being searched for Godfall, where he came from Gearbox in partnership with Counterplay Games, which is a shooting game where the person is aiming fantastically in order to eliminate enemies and break any quarrels.

According to The Verge, the game will have solo co-op, duo and three-player modes, and the action is set in an entirely new world.

A company Microsoft has unveiled Xbox Series X, Saga: Saga: Hellblade II, where it has confirmed it's more exciting, although it's still in the early days of all users.

Godfall first game in PlayStation 5 - the first game in PlayStation 5

Godfall game whose job is to collect loot and weapons and is supposed to reach more competition between other games, but there will be another competition among all users of that new game.

For its part, the PlayStation Company has announced that the good game is likely to start with the start of the new year 2020, known as the ps5.

On the other hand, Godfall will be just one of the new games ready for the PS5, and the console is likely to support many of the games currently available on PlayStation 4.