Abolish the sponsorship system for all expatriate workers in Qatar and introduce new advantages and great joy among expatriates

Qatar promulgates new laws guaranteeing a decent life for 2 million expatriates and abolishing the arbitrary kafala system

Important decisions from Saudi bring justice to expatriates and warnings of 4 violations of termination of residence

The Kingdom launches a new visa system on its lands 2020 and new facilities for all citizens and expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Emirates launches a new visa system on its lands 2020 and new facilities for all citizens and expatriates in the Emirates

The Emir of Qatar commits a horrific crime a little while ago .. and a state of great anger circulates the cities of Qatar

Qatar announces the abolition of the sponsorship system for a large number of expatriate workers with great benefits

Traffic in Bahrain announces a reward of 200 riyals to the committed driver

Download the new Likee app to create and share videos 2020

A general decision to implement the minimum wage for all wages in the Emirates with an increase in salaries and determination of allowances and bonuses 2020

Important Emirates decisions on work system that allow employees to work remotely

Saudi Cabinet decisions regarding the civil service

Artificial intelligence determines the appropriate time to talk to the driver while driving

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces important decisions regarding the suspension of the sponsorship system

Saudi Passport launches a host visa for any profession through Absher services

Saudi Passports invite residents to expedite management review

An alternative system of traffic lights passes its first test

Saudi Arabia decides to abolish the sponsorship system for all expatriates and expats

Saudi Arabia decides to grant a distinguished residency system for all expatriate, foreign, and Egyptian workers

A new and urgent decision to cancel the sponsorship system in Saudi Arabia

Full details about .. Driving license fees and traffic violations in Saudi Arabia

Adjusting the minimum wage for all workers and all expatriate workers in the Sultanate of Oman and ending the sponsorship system

Economist Burger for a return from extraordinary measures to liberal foundations

South Africa launches a new job system with a higher salary