Rahaf al-Qanun is in the hands of Saudi intelligence and the Saudi government issues this statement

Saudi Arabia makes the first electric car and is considering cutting out all cars on its soil

Qatar launches the first photovoltaic plant for electric cars and issues an urgent statement to the owners of cars on its territory

Qatar promulgates new laws guaranteeing a decent life for 2 million expatriates and abolishing the arbitrary kafala system

Qatar sets new laws to obtain a driver's license and renew licenses in 2020

The Saudi Minister of Finance clarifies the fact and date of changing the expatriate fees in the Kingdom

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announces a new service to facilitate the renewal of residence permits for expatriates

The UAE government condemns the terrorist attack on the Saudi city of Dammam

Qatar issues an urgent statement on visas for the year 2020

Night work decision for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, expatriate workers and citizens

A great catastrophe shakes Kuwait ... and grief circulates Kuwaiti cities ... witness

Police in Australia are calling in thousands of nods to fight forest fires yesterday

A huge number of individuals were emptied from South-East Australia because of flames

Fires kill half a billion animals in Australia and an urgent statement from the government

Police of dolls to deter traffic violators in India

How to obtain a driver's license in Luxembourg

Bahraini Parliament adheres to an increase in salaries of employees and the private sector by 20%

The Court of Cassation issues an urgent statement for all male and female teachers in Kuwait and all expatriates

The dates of official holidays in the UAE 2020

Haitham bin Tariq Al Said is sworn in as Sultan of Oman

The government of Sudan mourns Sultan Qaboos in a statement today

The American President expresses his sorrow for the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed

Absher site to inquire about expatriate residence permit in Saudi Arabia 1441 with residence number only

TaalEruption2020| Great concerns in the Philippines due to eruption of Tal volcano near Manila