Bahrain, at the beginning of the year 2020, expresses its regret to the Bahraini people and issued this statement

The UAE announces a large fine of 12 thousand dirhams for driving recklessly For expatriates

New decisions regarding the issuance of driving licenses for expatriates in the UAE for the year 2020

The UAE government condemns the terrorist attack on the Saudi city of Dammam

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Emirati Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid announces the launch of the "Emirates' visual media identity"

Gold Prices January 13 | The gold price in United Arab Emirates today 13/1/2020

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Important Emirates decisions on work system that allow employees to work remotely

Dubai Traffic Department announces a fine of this category of up to 12 thousand dirhams

Refund school fees for all UAE citizens

The UAE Central Bank issues an urgent statement to all citizens and expatriates on salaries and loans 2020

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Emirates resumes postal service with Qatar after a 3-year hiatus

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The UAE is making its first electric car and is considering cutting out all cars on its soil