King Salman announces a wonderful decision for expatriates in Saudi Arabia

King Salman issues the first urgent decision for expatriates and the application of 2020

Urgent decision by the Yemeni president for Yemeni expatriates returning from Saudi Arabia

Bahrain Traffic abolishes this condition in order to help Saudi women obtain a driver's license

The French Minister of Energy criticizes the French President for the pensions law

The General Authority for Aviation in Saudi Arabia announces the extension of expired passports of these countries for a period of 6 months

Night work decision for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, expatriate workers and citizens

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Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed surprises everyone with a new appearance in front of the Kaaba

The decision to assassinate Qasim Soleimani was issued by a golf course. Find out the details

Urgent and new decision on expatriates in Saudi 2020 by King Salman to amend the status of expatriates

A general decision to implement the minimum wage for all wages in the Emirates with an increase in salaries and determination of allowances and bonuses 2020

Important Emirates decisions on work system that allow employees to work remotely

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces a permanent residence of 500 riyals annually in 2020

Emiratisation violations in Saudi Arabia and a fine to violate the settlement decision 20 thousand riyals

Passports warn expatriates in Saudi Arabia of two penalties, one of which is for residence

Urgent and new decision regarding traffic violations in the Emirates

Emirates resumes postal service with Qatar after a 3-year hiatus

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The names of those eligible for support in the Zayed Housing Program

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Paying new benefits, aid and aid to all citizens of Australia

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