King Salman announces a wonderful decision for expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Sultan Qaboos announces good news a little while ago and a great joy between the citizens and expatriates .. And the celebrations spread across the Omani cities

Traffic in Bahrain announces how persons with disabilities can obtain a driver’s license

The UAE announces a large fine of 12 thousand dirhams for driving recklessly For expatriates

The Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces new services for citizens who travel outside the Sultanate

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announces a new service to facilitate the renewal of residence permits for expatriates

The General Authority for Aviation in Saudi Arabia announces the extension of expired passports of these countries for a period of 6 months

Oman TV announces an urgent statement regarding the death of Sultan Qaboos and transmits to the people his last will

Qatar announces the abolition of the sponsorship system for a large number of expatriate workers with great benefits

Traffic in Bahrain announces a reward of 200 riyals to the committed driver

Emirati Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid announces the launch of the "Emirates' visual media identity"

The Sultanate of Oman announces the procedures for selecting the successor to Sultan Qaboos

Oman News Agency announces the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed

Urgent and new decision on expatriates in Saudi 2020 by King Salman to amend the status of expatriates

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces new jobs with a salary of 14,000 riyals

Terms and conditions for issuing and renewing driving licenses for expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces entry visa prices for expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces strict controls and laws against expatriate 2020

Dubai Traffic Department announces a fine of this category of up to 12 thousand dirhams

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces a permanent residence of 500 riyals annually in 2020

Traffic in Australia announces the new camera on the roads

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announces important decisions regarding the suspension of the sponsorship system

The Emirates announces tuition fees for children of expatriates

Australia announces the first confirmed infection with the deadly virus