Federer prepares to return from Australian Open
Federer prepares to return from Australian Open

(aawsat) - Several press reports, thursday morning, indicated a trend on the part of the organizers of the Australian Open Tennis Championship, the first grand slam tennis tournament, to postpone the tournament expected to three weeks, to be held between 8 and 21 February next, instead of the third week of January due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus.

"It took some time, but the great news is that we will be able to organize the Australian Open on February 8th," tournament CEO Craig Telle said in a letter to players and tournament officials quoted by Australian media.

"Players must undergo a two-week quarantine from January 15th, but the Victorian government has agreed to grant special conditions to participants in the Australian Championships."

The French sports newspaper L'Equipe obtained details of the plan drawn up by the Australian authorities that "players must arrive between 15 and 17 January and undergo quarantine inside a closed camp (bubble) until 31 of them".

She also noted that "no one will be allowed to be outside the hotel room where he stays for more than 5 hours" during quarantine before "everyone is allowed to move normally in the city of Melbourne where the tournament is being held".

The tournament was scheduled to kick off on January 18th, but Victoria's Sports Minister Martin Pakula hinted last week that it could be postponed for a week or two, speaking of "very complex negotiations" between the various parties.

"We are confident that we will be in a position to resolve the final details of the 2021 Australian Open very soon, everything requires the approval of the Victorian government before confirming it," he said.

If local authorities and international tennis federations succeed in finding a solution, the programme of courses for professional players will be undertaken by many modifications at the beginning of the new season.