South African League Details
South African League Details

South African league standings update today, as a number of important matches ended in the league championship, sparking a conflict on the league title this season 2019/2020.

The Orlando Pirates club won yesterday against the Sun Dawns Club by the result of a counter-goal for nothing in a dramatic match.

On the other hand, yesterday's match between the club of Bidvest and Whits against the club of Bloomfontein ended your game with a score of 2-3.

After the end of tomorrow's matches, we will monitor the order of the league before the matches of tomorrow.

South African league arrangement, updated on Thursday 16-1-2020

The Kaiser Club takes the top spot in the league, with a score of 41 points. It was able to achieve victory in 13 matches and tied in a match.

In the second center, the team of the Dunes, with a balance of 32 points, came to be able to make the Danes of Al-Fawz in 9 matches, 6 and 6 matches.

The Super Sport Club occupied the third position in the league with a balance of 31 points. The Supersport was able to win in 8 games and 7 matches.

The club Wits University in fourth place in the league with 30 points, Bidvest was able to win in nine games and a draw in 3 games and lost in two games only.

And in the fourth center, the Orlando Pirates Club came with a balance of 27, and Orlando Pirates managed to win in 7 matches and match 6 and match.